Additional Services

We offer a wide selection of maintenance and lawn services to meet your property’s requirements. Our team specializes in a variety of areas to help assist and maintain your property — whether you need irrigation repairs done, tree services, or even snow removed — you name it, you can trust the L.M. Property Maintenance to take care of it all season round.


Bark mulch, composted mulch & topsoil replenishment

We replenish grounds with quality mulches and topsoil to help your grass and plants grow healthy — beautifying your property’s surroundings.

Maintain and design display planters

Our team can design and maintain display planters on a convenient schedule so you don’t have to.

Large-scale tree removal and pruning services

We have the industry-leading equipment required for large-scale tree removal – from tree topping to chipping. Our team also provides pruning and maintenance services – improving the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs.

Power raking, aerating and liming

We remove excessive thatch from lawns by power raking. We also provide aerating and liming services to improve the health of lawns to help strengthen the roots and allow them to grow deeper — strong roots results in less water use and a healthier lawn!

Planting of annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, trees etc.

Transforming property surroundings with all that nature has to offer by planting beautiful bulbs, flowers, shrubs and trees that will impress your customers, guests and tenants.

Topsoil, sand, gravel and mulch delivery services

Don’t worry about running out of topsoil, sand, gravel and mulch! We have you covered and can schedule a convenient on-going delivery service time.

Snow removal services (Abbotsford only)

We are well equipped with the best trucks, plows and salters on the market today for clear and safe surfaces around your property.

Irrigation repairs and controller set up

L.M. Property Maintenance installs and repairs landscape irrigation systems efficiently and without hassle. Our team of irrigation experts can design and install an irrigation system to keep your lawn looking green and beautiful.

Moss control, Aphids, Schaefer beetle control etc.

Our weed and pest control specialists have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to control and deter unwanted weeds and pests. We will work with you to create the customized pest/weed control program you need, in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Sod (turf) repairs and/or replacement

We transform and refresh lawns to ensure a healthy, thick and sustainable turf.

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